Advance Group Triple Glazing

In today’s economy more and more people are getting sick of rising energy bills. On top of this, there is also a rise in people concerned about the effect that carbon dioxide is having on the environment. What people don`t know is that a big cause of both problems is the heat we lose from our homes. A quarter of total heat loss is through poorly insulated windows; this can be through both the frame and the glass. Double glazing windows that are common across the UK are fighting a losing battle in providing energy efficiency in homes and people are beginning to consider triple glazing, Advance Group Triple Glazing are one of the companies that specialise in this new form of window.

Advance Group

Advance Group Triple Glazing is Scotland’s largest and leading manufacturer in the retail and installation of uPVC products. From humble beginnings in 1989 they have grown to provide for over 3,500 homes per year and post an annual turnover of £14 million. A big part of the company’s popularity is the fact that all products are made in Scotland for Scotland. Windows, doors and conservatories all use the highly durable profile from Spectus which can be fully sculpted and customised to suit any requirements; this makes every product provided able to face even the most extreme weather conditions.
Ever changing weather conditions led to a new product produced by Advance Group, triple glazing.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing, as the name suggests is a step up from double glazing as it provides an extra sheet of glass, but this is not the only benefit. The advances in triple glazing over that of double and more so single glazing benefit owners in a number of ways. Having triple glazing dramatically increases the heat reduction capacity of a window or door, this is because with the extra layer of glass comes an extra air gap, which when filled with argon gas acts as extra insulation. The extra sheet of glass also offers acoustic benefits, reducing noise from outside.

Advance Group Triple Glazing provides the only triple glazed unit of its kind in Scotland and at no extra cost on double glazing. It is made up of three insulating layers of glass, two of which are coated with Climaguard. The two air spaces totalling 44mm are separated using ultra insulated spacer bars and allow maximum insulation by slowing down heat loss. The panes of glass are mounted on to a reinforcing chamber and the frame provides a heating barrier on the inside, insulating barrier in the middle and a cold barrier on the outside.

Advance Group Triple Glazing has been installing UPVC units for over 22 years and has the best product on the market (the only product in Scotland).The quality of their work can be view on the company website as-well as other services that the company can provide. Word of mouth and recommendations amount to 60% of lead intake which is a testament to their popularity and to the quality of work provided.