Carey Glass Triple Glazing

Ireland has a big market for triple glazing and many people are choosing to upgrade from their traditional double glazing thanks to the insulating, noise reduction and low CO2 benefits that triple glazing offers. Thanks to Carey Glass, triple glazing in Ireland is some of the highest quality and innovative in the world.

Carey Glass

Carey Glass is an independent glass processing company and the market leader in their field across Ireland and Europe. The company has a manufacturing base in Lurgan, Northern Ireland and an international base in Nenagh, County Tipperary and has grown from a local market provider in 1965 to an internationally recognised company. The Carey Glass triple glazing has pushed boundaries and the Vista Therm product has become the pinnacle of triple glazing.

Vista Therm

The latest offering from Carey Glass, triple glazing unit the Vista Therm Elite SE offers the highest level of insulation on the market with a U- value rating as low as 0.7; this makes it a full 260% increase when compared to a standard double glazed unit using ordinary float glass. This double glazing is the most widely used and before triple glazing was considered to be energy efficient.

The design and construction is what gives it the energy efficiency that it has. Two unique elite coating are used and Krypton gas it used to provide insulation by being inserted into cavities, Krypton is considered higher standard than argon and is only used on high specification triple glazing. The overall thickness of the triple unit is 28mm which gives optimum insulation, thanks to this construction Carey Glass have created the highest performing insulated glass unit available.

Carey Glass was also quick to pick up on the introduction of low emissivity glass (low E glass) which has revolutionised the market. The implantation of low E glass has helped to further reduce heat loss and aid in providing free heat to homes. This is done through solar gain which allows sunlight into the home which can heat a room without being allowed to escape; this instantly cuts down on energy bills.

The high levels of insulation with the Vista Therm means that installing Carey Glass triple glazing in your home will instantly increase the energy rating and save hundreds in heating costs, triple glazing will also add tremendous value to any property making it a sound investment for now and into the future.

Aside from the obvious heat loss reduction and insulating properties of Carey Glass triple glazing it also has a tremendous capacity for noise reduction. Many people find themselves living close to flight paths, railway tracks and busy public roads making areas very noisy. Living with constant noise from the outside world can be very disturbing and irritable. Architects and builders are now looking at the benefits that triple glazing has with acoustics. The insulated air gaps and differing thickness in glass helps to deflect sound frequencies and reduce noise on a higher level that double glazing can achieve.