Eco Glaze Triple Glazing

Internorm, although you may not have heard of them, are one of the world’s largest brands in windows and doors. Internorm’s products are in constant high demand thanks to the quality, design and innovation. They have been providing windows and doors for over 75 years across Europe, each with the highest degree of security, durability and reliability.

 Eco Glaze Triple Glazing has become Ireland’s leading representative and now installs windows and doors for Europe’s leading brand.

Triple Glazing

Eco Glaze Triple Glazing offers some of the finest triple glaze products on the market, each with superior quality and design. Tripling glazing offered can also be catered to customer requirements in a range of materials, including:

  • Wood / Aluminium
  • Wood / Wood
  • uPVC / Aluminium
  • uPVC / uPVC

Wood / Aluminium

There are various wood/ aluminium triple glazed windows on offer each offering tremendous benefits, those on offer are:

  • Varion
  • Edition
  • Euro Windows Alu-Clad
  • Euro Windows Alu- Therm
  • Euro Windows Triplex

The Varion window provides the latest in wood/aluminium design. Combining modern design with sophisticated glass architecture and the highest energy efficiency the Varion is the ultimate window for comfortable living. Efficiency is achieved through the triple glazing and the thermo sound proof insulation foam. Design and colours can be catered to specific requirements

The appeal of the Edition window lies in the unique design. Customers are provided with the warmth and insulating qualities of wood on the inside of the house and the protection of aluminium on the outside. The high insulation thermal foam in between gives unparalleled heat loss reduction as-well providing sound proofing and noise reduction, three designs and a choice of colours are available with each design tested for security and resistance.

The Euro Windows Eco Glaze Triple Glazing range offer benefits ideally suited to low energy passive houses and new builds. Each has a different frame depth which can is suited to both new homes and existing homes with double glazing, the panes of glass promote solar gain and reduce heat loss thanks to argon gas filling.

uPVC / Aluminium

The Eco Glaze Triple Glazing range of windows provides customers in Ireland with the best choice and availability on the market, the uPVC / aluminium frames offered are:

  • Dimension
  • Passion Verto-design
  • Thermo 3

The dimension is regarded as one of the best uPVC / aluminium window on the market, both in design and performance.  It provides thermal and sound insulation and can be combined with sun-screening, insect proofing and visibility protection. Integral sun-screening is also available between the panes to enhance solar gain.

The Passion is a straight lined window with an angular frame design and a first class modern frame design. Eco Glaze Triple Glazing as always provides the Internorm thermo foam for excellent insulation.

The Thermo 3 is a passive house window with a U-value of 0.8, and can achieve a rating as low as 0.72 with suitable glassing. High-heat thermo foam is as standard and the certificate Darmstadt Passive House Institute signifies quality.