Triple Glazing Brands

Triple glazing is still in its formative years in the UK; although there are companies that are starting to offer triple glazing windows and doors most of the materials manufactured in European countries where triple glazing is as standard. Countries such as Sweden and Germany are world leaders in triple glazing production and manufacturers from those countries supply most of Europe with triple glazing. In coming years the UK is expected to move towards using triple glazing brands on all new homes with the aim of lowering carbon emissions.


Interpane or Interpane Glas Industrie AG to give them their full name are one of Europe`s most important triple glazing brands. Since its founding in 1971, Interpane have gone on to produce triple glazing in 11 different locations across Europe and supply many countries the most eco-friendly and efficient glass windows on the market. Many companies across Europe and now the UK are using Interpane as their primary source of windows.


Optiwin are an international giant amongst triple glazing brands, offering windows, door and glazing facades. They have an umbrella of 14 companies across Europe that work together in producing triple glazing that is:

  • Innovative
  • Resistant
  • Usable
  • Ecological
  • Quality

Unlike Interpane who solely focuses on the manufacture of glass, Optiwin also focus on produce high quality solid wood frames. Every product that is produced aims to impact on the well-being of the user.


Triple glazing brands based and producing triple glazing in the UK are rare and it is highly likely that anyone ordering triple glazing units will be ordering a product that is imported from Europe; there are suppliers in the UK that both import and fit triple glazing windows and doors.

Sustainable Windows and Doors Ltd

Sustainable Windows and Doors Ltd is the UK’s largest supply partner for Swedish window and door specialist SP Fonster who have long been a leading manufacturer of triple glazing. The range on offer can cater to the requirements of customer and can come in various combinations and designs. Triple glazed units are manufactured to produce the best possible performance in both thermal and acoustic capacities. Frames supplied are timer finished in various stains and paints, aluminium clad composite is also used to aid in giving a maintenance lifespan. All windows and doors that are supplied come with an “A” energy rating meaning they are the best available for lowering carbon footprint and therefore saving customers hundreds of pounds in energy bills.

Russell Timber Technology

Russell Timber Technology are another company that use the best in triple glazing brands to produce top quality windows and doors for both domestic and commercial properties.  The business is focussed on provided an eco- package to each customer that gives them sustainable materials with increased specification and performance while at the time being friendly to the environment.  Every product as the name suggests is timber based which gives the windows and doors strength, durability and sustainability as-well as being stylish and modern.