Interpane Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is quickly becoming recognised as the most efficient way to save on energy costs and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Interpane is one of the companies leading the way in glass processing and has become a major European producer. Interpane triple glazing products are thought to be some of the best currently available.


Interpane is a company with its roots in Germany, which, over the years, it has grown into a wider group consisting of eleven facilities in ten different locations spread across Germany, Austria and France. The founder of the company Georg F. Hesselbach recognised a weakness in the market for insulated glass and set up Interpane over 30 years ago. The colder climate in Germany meant that insulated glass quickly became standard in many homes across the country.

As demand grew for coated and uncoated glass, Interpane expanded to form a partnership with British giant Pilkington; this led to the two companies launching a joint venture in France which Interpane now fully owns. A partnership was also formed with the Scheuten Group and led to Interpane producing an annual turnover of more than 250 million Euros.

Triple Glazing

Designing and producing glass in something that constantly advances by the month, Interpane triple glazing range is known as the iPlus and the ipaphon and both offer market leading heat and noise insulation.

The Interpane triple glazing iPlus 3LS satisfies the demands of modern aesthetics with high convenience. iPlus works to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency in modern houses. For optimum low energy consumption and passive houses that require low or zero carbon the iPlus offers the best around for super warm glass solutions with triple pane constructions separated by air gaps.

The Interpane triple glazing model offers a U value of just 0.8 and is certified by the Darmstadt Passive House Institute. Specially coated glass allows solar energy and sunlight in an significantly reduces the heat escaping, this leads to what is known as “solar gain” providing free heat to rooms and reducing energy bills. The air gaps between the panes are filled with high quality inert gas filling, argon, which provides insulation 1/3 more effective than air.

Considering the environment not only involves cutting down on carbon emissions but also noise pollution. Too much noise can pollute the environment and damage health and well- being. Interpane triple glazing offers ipaphon sound proofing glass that is designed to effectively combat noise problems. The ipaphon glass can particularly benefit those who live in busy areas or near airports and train stations.

The sound proofing effect in ipaphon is achieved using asymmetrical construction which combines special inert gas filling and the use of cast-resin glass, sound proofing foils are also used. Thermal insulation is improved during production with standard neutral low emissivity coated basic glass. The ipaphon sound proofing benefits along with the insulated glass gives an all-round that is double insulated product that prevents noise and lowers energy costs.