Pilkington Triple Glazing

Pilkington are a pioneer in triple glazing and other glass products in the UK and are the leading supplier to the UK’s trade companies.  Many triple glazing suppliers import their products from colder climate countries in Europe that produce windows and doors on a large scale. Pilkington are one of the only companies on these shores that can rival products from Swedish and German manufacturers and with the Pilkington triple glazing K- Glass they are becoming a world leader.


Pilkington triple glazing is designed and manufactured in the UK at the company’s home in St Helens. They employ around 3000 across Britain in various roles of glass manufacture, processing and merchanting including:

  • Float, rolled and wire glass
  • Automotive glass replacement manufacture
  • Original automotive equipment

They offer products that range in specification and performance, including:

  • Solar control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection
  • Noise Control
  • Self- cleaning glass
  • Decoration
  • Solar energy
  • Safety/Security

The Pilkington triple glazing energiKare product offers many of the above benefits rolled into one.

Pilkington triple glazing energiKare

The Pilkington triple glazing energiKare is quickly becoming the most used triple glazing unit on the market in the UK this is because of the performance and benefits that it offers, the energiKare has become the window of choice for zero/ low carbon homes.

The aim of triple glazing is to produce high levels of energy efficiency combined with noise reduction, allowing the building to retain heat whilst at the same time allow the customer a comfortable and peaceful life.

The energiKare works to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows and promotes solar gain which allows heat from the sun into the building. This is done by the design of the product and the type of glass used.

Pilkington K-Glass is used for two of the three panes, K-Glass is the UK’s bestselling low emissivity glass and the best on the market for preventing heat escape. The third pane used is the Pilkington Optiwhite glass, this is used on the outer layer and is designed to be extra clear and increase the solar heat gain. The space in-between the three sheets of glass is filled with argon gas; this provides a wall of insulation which is 1/3 better than air. Thickness of the overall unit can be modified to suit modern framing and bead dimensions.

Benefits of energiKare

The Pilkington triple glazing energiKare system offer numerous benefits to those that choose to have it installed:

  • The units high performance can optimise the balance between U-values and G-values giving maximum energy efficiency

  • The design and performance make it ideal for low and zero carbon new build homes, existing homes can also use the product where dimensions allow.

  • Exceeds all BFRC WER A rating performance and Passiv Haus requirements

  • The middle pane is toughened to vastly reduce the risk of thermal breakage

The unit is designed to increase solar gain and achieve low carbon SAP scores; this allows larger glazed areas improving light without compromising energy efficiency levels.