Planitherm Triple Glazing

If you have been thinking about upgrading your windows from single or double glazed the chances are you may have looked at the option of triple glazing. Although it not as widely used in the UK as double glazing, a change in people’s attitudes to reducing carbon emissions has led to many considering triple glazing. One of the companies that are leading the way in the UK is Planitherm triple glazing.


Planitherm triple glazing is widely thought of as the highest quality and most energy efficient producer of window glass in Europe. Their range of high performance low emissivity glass (Low –E glass) is currently the biggest seller in Europe.

Planitherm products are specially manufactured and produced for the UK market by Saint-Gobain Glass and are designed to keep interiors energy efficient and warm during cold winter months. New building regulations state that windows must be graded on performance this is done using U-value which measures the transfer of heat through materials, the results are then graded from A to E with an “A” rating considered the highest; Planitherm triple glazing regularly exceeds “A” rating levels in performance.


Planitherm produce what is known as energy efficient glass which is what makes them a stand out producer of glass in Europe. Homes lose 26% of their heat through poorly insulated windows, some of this is through the frame and much of it is through the glass. Many people with standard double glazing is enough to provide energy efficiency, this is not the case as it is the glass in the windows which will make the difference. A lot of double glazing units even those that are only five years old only tend to score an “E” U-value rating.

Planitherm triple glazing uses an advanced coating technology which is low emissivity and contains a thin layer of metal. This coating radiates heat back into a room rather than letting it escape, it also allows heat from the sun to pass through the glass which can give the room free heat.  The results of this coating give owners homes that, along with being energy efficient are lighter, brighter and more comfortable. Planitherms low-E glass is three times more efficient than single glazed windows and a massive 25% more efficient than double glazed units, giving owners’ massive savings on energy bills.

Planitherm triple glazing, when combined in a unit with argon gas which is used to provide insulation in air gaps can eliminate draughts and cold spots and prevent condensation from forming.

A common query about Planitherm glass is “does the low E coating affects light and make rooms darker?” The answer is in fact it does the opposite, the coating actually allows natural light to stream into the home with the tint or haze effects that occur on some double glazing windows.

The glass can also be modified to suit the requirements of any window size and can work to achieve a high Window Energy Rating (WER) and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.