Scandinavian Triple Glazing

Scandinavian triple glazing has long been the bench mark for how triple glazing should be manufactured. Due to the colder climates that Scandinavian countries face, the benefits of triple glazing became a must in homes and businesses across the continent; this is largely due to the thermal performance of triple glazing over double and single glazed windows. These thermal properties have been also recognised for their ability to lower carbon emissions. This has sparked interest in the UK and triple glazing is becoming more widely used.

Triple glazing can give customers unparalleled heat loss reduction and the design also allows it to take in solar gain from the sun and provide the home or business with free, natural heat. People who have triple glazing installed can also benefit from the excellent acoustic values that it provides. Each layer of glass is of different thickness and can work independently to block out noise from the outside world. Many people in busy and noisy areas have installed triple glazing to improve well-being and allow a more peaceful life.

When compared to double glazing which is widely used and available, Scandinavian triple glazing can dramatically decrease energy bills sometimes up to 20%.

Manufacturers of triple glazing in the UK are few and far between, many companies prefer to import Scandinavian triple glazing because of its proven quality. There are some companies in the UK who specialise in importing the best triple glazing from Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Olsen Doors and Windows

When it comes to the finest in imported Scandinavian windows and doors, then Olsen Doors and Windows is the place to visit. Olsen is a family run business with over 31 years’ worth of experience in importing the best products from Scandinavia, they have led the way in educating businesses, architects and building contractors in the benefits of triple glazing and how it is used in Scandinavia. The company`s client list has grown massively over that time and there importing and knowhow with triple glazing has led to them producing award winning landmark projects, visitors centres, schools and luxury houses.

Triple glazing can not only be applied to standard windows and doors but can be used with:

  • Lift and slide patio doors
  • Side hung windows
  • Side swing windows
  • Balcony doors
  • Glass walls
  • Roof lights
  • Fixed windows

Olsen can provide endless designs and uses for triple glazed products

Swedish Timber Products

Swedish Timber Products are another company who imports Scandinavian triple glazing and supplies to the UK, it partnership with the VKR Group means that they are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of triple glazing products. Triple glazing is mostly installed in a timber frame, timber is favoured for its sustainability and durability, the fact that it is also the most environmental friendly material on the market also benefits the all-round triple glazing product. Swedish Timber Products offer windows and doors, all “A” rated, that can be designed in various ways to meet the needs of clients whether it be for thermal or acoustic performance.