Swedish Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is now being recognised in the UK as the best method of insulating homes, saving on energy costs and significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Manufacture in the UK is still fairly rare with Pilkington the only real UK wide manufacturer; many companies choose to import triple glazing from European countries. Swedish triple glazing is widely thought to be the world leader in high performance, energy efficient glazing products.

Why Swedish?

Many people ask why Swedish triple glazing is popular with UK importers, and the reason is experience. Sweden as a country has a fare colder climate than the UK, houses in Sweden would be unable to retain heat and shelter from the cold if they were only single glazed, or even double glazing which is widely used in the UK often isn’t enough.

A staggering 26% of heat loss in domestic properties escapes through windows so in cold climates when houses need to have heating at constantly high temperatures, losing this much heat can lead to expensive energy bills. This is why Swedish houses implemented triple glazing and it has been common place for many years. The design of Swedish triple glazing means that heat loss is reduced and energy bills can be lowered.

The experience that manufacturers or triple glazing in Sweden have with producing sustainable and high performance products is something that the UK is learning from. Triple glazing in Scandinavia is required to have a U-value of no more than 0.8 this low rating is something that cannot be achieved with double or single glazed windows. The U – value is the form of measurement tool that is used to determine how the heat flow passes through various materials. The lower the U- value the longer it takes heat to transfer through the material. Single glazed windows will have U- value of around 5.6 and double glazing of around 2.8, this makes the 0.8 rating of triple glazing all the more impressive.

Swedish triple glazing is also popular for the material that is used to construct the frame work. Triple glazing in colder climates mostly uses wood to construct the frames. This is because wood is relatively cheap to uses and it has excellent insulating properties. Sweden is a vary environmentally conscious country and using wooden frames offers the best solution as it causes to harm to the environment, is easily maintained and is fully bio- degradable.

Finding Swedish Triple Glazing

People who live in large houses, busy areas or a building a new property will be ideally suited to Swedish triple glazing; all new houses in the UK by 2016 will most likely have triple glazed windows. There are a number of companies in the UK that import products from Sweden, modify and install them to customer requirements. A good way to find a company is by using the internet as a search tool. Search engines and the correct keywords will lead you to window and door fitting companies in your area who can provide triple glazing.