Thermotec Triple Glazing

When it comes to the benefits of triple glazing not many countries will be more familiar than Canada. Canada has one of the world’s coldest climates and relies heavily on triple glazing to produce energy efficient homes and businesses. Thermotec triple glazing is a Canada based company that has expanded to ship their products internationally and supply the world with the most energy efficient windows and doors on the market.


What sets Thermotec apart from other companies is their made-to-order policy. Being a small company they, like others find it hard to compete with the triple glazing giants, so they have developed a product that can that is focussed on custom capabilities. They can provide triple glazing units in sizes, shapes and even colour that can match the exact customer requirements.

Thermotec triple glazing is not like other companies; they specialise in fibreglass windows and aim to produce the best on the market in terms of quality, energy efficiency and customisation.

 Triple Glazing

Triple offers excellent benefits, especially to those that are thinking of upgrading their current single or double glazed windows. The benefits of Thermotec triple glazing are found in its thermal and acoustic properties as-well as providing condensation resistance. Triple glazing offers an extra sheet of glass which sometimes leads to an argument that the extra weight will not be suited to most frames, Thermotec triple glazing have a product that can handle any extra weight.

Thermotec use fibreglass for all of their structures, the strength and extra rigidity is of fibreglass is eminently suited to the heavy weight of triple glazing. Other companies’ offer triple glazing with frames made of wood or vinyl; for the most part they are capable of handling triple glazing however problems may sometimes occur in their ability to hold the extra weight.

Condensation is a big problem with many windows, most people, especially in winter months like their homes to be warm and humid. Higher humidity often leads to more persistent and regular condensation, which can cause visible and hidden mould, quite often this mould can be toxic. Double glazing was produced with low emissivity glass and air gaps filled with argon gas which helped to combat condensation but not fully. Thermotec triple glazing provides a Super Spacer which is currently the best product on the market for reducing the risk of condensation.

The thermal benefits are what appeals Thermotec triple glazing to consumers, the triple glaze casement is amongst the best available and provides two Super Spacers with two layers of low-E glass and argon filled air gaps for extra insulation. This formula prevents heat from escaping while allowing solar gain from the sun which acts as free heat. It is found to have a 61% improvement on regular double glazing units.

Prices for triple glazing products from Thermotec start from just 5% more than double glazing, this small extra cost can prove an excellent investment and can be regained from savings that are made on yearly energy bills.