Triple Glazing Facts

Triple glazing is beginning to be more widely used in the UK and is soon expected to rival double glazing in popularity; this is because of the benefits that the product offers. When looking to purchase new glazing, especially if it is as an upgrade for an older form of glazing, it is vital to find out triple glazing facts and information to see if the product is suited to you.

Finding out triple glazing facts

The best way to find out triple glazing facts would be consult any companies that you are thinking about buying from. Most companies offer free no obligation consultations to customers whereby a trained advisor can come to your home and discuss the fact and benefits that are on offer from their particular product. The advisors are also able to discuss any queries that you may have and answer any questions. They can guide you in the different styles and colours available and measure the necessary windows should you choose to order. If you don’t want to have a consultation face to face, facts and information from companies can be given over the phone. 

The internet is a great resource for finding out facts on anything, triple glazing information can be easily found online. Using a search engine can lead you to hundreds of websites with information on all kinds of glazing; many companies’ websites provide great facts and info on all aspects of triple glazing and how it can benefit the owner. Internet forums dedicated to DIY and building are also a good place to look; members of the forums are excellent in providing knowledgeable information and answers to questions.


Many triple glazing facts are related to what benefits triple glazing provides, this is usually in comparison to double glazing as that is the closest thing on the market and is widely used in the UK. The obvious benefit of triple glazing is the extra sheet of glass it has over double glazing. This doesn’t just act as an extra piece of glass but as extra insulation and noise reduction and security.

Windows in the home are measured for energy efficiency this is because a quarter of household heat is lost through the windows. Heat loss is measured in what is known as U- value, which measures how fast (or slow) the heat comes through the glass and frame. The U-value results show just how much a person can benefit from triple glazing. Single glazed units generally have a U-value rating of 5.6 and double glazed a rating of 2.8; triple glazing offers a U- Value of 0.8.

The extra sheet of glass also bring with it an extra air gap, the air gap is the space between two panes of glass and is filled with an inert gas of either argon or krypton, both these gases proves a sheet of insulation which not only reduces heat loss but also reduce noise making life more comfortable for people in busy areas.