Triple Glazing Doors

When people think of triple glazing they may be forgiven for thinking that it extends only to windows. While it is true that windows are probably the biggest market, triple glazing doors can also be purchased, providing the same benefits and style. Having triple glazing doors alongside windows will make a home look modern, stylish and coordinated as well as adding value to the home.


Combining triple glazed windows with doors can impact massively in the reduction of heat that is lost from the home, saving on energy bills and cutting down on carbon emissions. Double glazed doors are currently very popular in the UK and can come in many forms and designs and triple glazed doors are no different. Some of the kinds of doors widely available are:

  • Internal doors
  • External front and back doors
  • Doors with sidelight
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding doors

Triple glazing with its extra pane of glass obviously brings more weight than a double glazing door; many people worry that house will not accommodate the extra weight. The regular lintels and supporting walls in houses will be more than enough to accommodate the extra burden and the materials used for frames add to the overall strength.

One positive of the extra weight that triple glazing brings is the fact that the extra pane of glass allows wider areas of glass. This means that patio doors and sliding doors can allow more light into the home. As-well as allowing light into the room, the design of triple glazing means that the sun can provide free heat to a room through solar gain.

Triple glazing doors especially patio doors are a good upgrade to double glazing in terms of noise reduction and security. The extra sheet of glass and space in- between gives the door more protection from outside noise as-well as being harder to break through.

Depending on which company you choose to purchase your door from you will likely have a choice of materials and decorations. Doors generally come in wood or uPVC with the former the more popular. Wood is the most widely used material for triple glazed doors thanks to the strength and durability it brings. The weight of the glass means the material used for the frame needs to be strong enough not to buckle or twist under the pressure, hardwood is seen as perfect for this, it is also cheap to use and sustainable.

Decretive doors are also popular especially for front doors, having a pattern on the door and the glass can give the house a stylish and friendly look, triple glazing doors come in many designs and can even be customised to suit your requirements.


Whichever company you choose  to purchase your doors from and install it will be able to provide a consultation prior to purchase, this will give you a chance to look at all of the benefits and have any questions answered. The advisor will also be able to give exact measurement and recommend suitable doors.