Triple Glazing Windows

Having a good set of windows in your home brings many benefits; triple glazing windows are currently the best windows on the market. Windows can provide security, cut down on noise pollution, save on fuel bills and still look stylish and modern. Installing triple glazing to a home can instantly add tremendous value to your property; this is because of the positives that it brings.

Why triple glazing?

Many people in the UK currently have double glazing, which looks good and provides insulation to homes. One quarter of heat lost from homes is through the windows, even new double glazed units still are not enough to help the environment and cut down on carbon emissions, they are also not enough to keep ever rising energy bills to a minimum. Triple glazing windows are setting the benchmark for saving on energy bills and lowering carbon emissions at the same time.

The use for triple glazing originates from cold climate countries such as Canada, Sweden and Denmark. Cold climates require windows that keep heat loss to a minimum and provide protection from harsh weather, although the UK does not have the weather extremities of those countries, the all-round benefits have appealed to suppliers and the building industry.

Triple Glazing is made up of three sheets of glass, separated by two air gaps which are filled with inert gas to provide a sheet of insulation. The insulating properties allow heat to escape at a much slower rate the double glazing, which means that keeping a room warm will be much easier.

The frame is also an important part of the insulation, as-well as the glass heat readily escapes through the frame. Triple glazing windows Companies will tend to use one or combination of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC

The materials are the best available for providing insulation, wood is often used on the inside of the frame as it is seen as the best insulator of the three materials. Aluminium and uPVC are seen as good materials to use on the outside of windows to protect from the elements, all three are durable and robust as-well as being easy to maintain.

Triple glazing also has another benefit over double glazing and that is the noise reduction qualities it possesses, there are many people that are having triple glazing installed specifically for noise reduction purposes. People that live in busy areas where noise is a problem can find living uncomfortable and even damaging to their health, triple glazing helps to shut out all outside noise thanks to the sheets of glass being able to deflect noise away from the window.


Triple glazing windows are becoming more in demand and this has led many of the UK’s biggest companies to begin stocking and installing triple glazing as part of their service. Some companies are solely dedicated to providing triple glazing in all kinds of colours and designs.

A good way to find a supplier in your area would be to use the internet.