Can I Replace Double Glazing with Triple Glazing

“Can I replace double glazing with triple glazing?” is become a more and more commonly asked question. This is due to the fact that more people are hearing about the benefits that triple glazing can provide. Triple glazing is also set to be the standard form of glazing in all new homes in the UK, which makes the interest in the product all the more intriguing.

The simple answer to “can i replace double glazing with triple glazing?” is yes. Of course it is possible to upgrade your current glazing to triple glazing but there may be some instances where it is not possible.


Triple glazing is made up of three panes of glass separated by two spaces, as opposed to double glazing which has two panes of glass and only one space. By including an extra sheet of glass, triple glazing becomes wider, which means it, will require a larger frame. It also becomes a lot heavier than triple glazing which may impact upon structural surroundings. Most homes will double glazing will have lintels and structural surroundings that are easily able to take the weight and frame size of triple glazing, in some cases structural modifications may have to be made to accommodate the size. Manufacturers have designed fully reinforced; five chamber systems that can easily cope with the weight of the triple glazed unit.


“Can I replace double glazing with triple glazing?” is a question that window fitting and home improvement companies hear on a daily basis, and they are often the best place to look for an answer. Triple glazing companies are often able to provide a consultancy service whereby a trained advisor can come to your home and talk you through the aspects of upgrading your windows.

Advisors will be able to recommend which kind of triple glazing will be best suited to your home and help you to choose a design, look and style that suits your requirements. They will also be able to take measurements of the windows and / or doors that you wish to replace.

Many triple glazing companies provide their units with wooden frames, wood is easy to work with and can be modified to fit the exact measurement of the window of door you need.


Now we have concluded that the answer to “can I replace double glazing with triple glazing?” is yes, we can look at some of the reasons why it is beneficial to do so.

The biggest reason that triple glazing is seen as superior to double glazing is in the thermal performance that it provides. Triple glazing can give 30% better heat insulation than double glazing, this means less spent on energy bills and less carbon emissions being pumped in to the environment. Sound proofing in triple glazing is also a big improvement from double glazing, providing 50% better sound insulation, this is hugely beneficial to people in noisy areas.

Many companies offer triple glazing at no extra cost on double glazing, but in some places it may be around 20% more.