Does Triple Glazing Look Good

Energy efficiency is playing a bigger part in how we live our lives today; many people are looking for ways to lower carbon dioxide emissions and save on ever rising energy bills. Triple glazing windows are playing a big part in helping people achieve a more CO2 friendly life and live more comfortably. More and more people are looking to upgrade to triple glazing from their current windows and one question commonly asked is “does triple glazing look good?” This is a fair question, after all as good as a product is, if it makes your home look ugly then it can put people off, especially if the time comes to sell.


When asking “does triple glazing look good?” the glass is not something that is normally considered. Obviously to look a plain sheet of glass offers nothing spectacular in the style department.  Triple glazing glass is often toughened and has reflective properties, it can also provide sound insulation and be self- cleaning; none of these factors take away from the fact the glass can be customised with all-sorted patterns.

Toilet and bathroom glass can be frosted and designed with a pattern of your choosing; patterns and frosted glass are also popular on external front doors with flowers, decretive staining and led often used. Any window in the house can be designed to have a pattern; glass staining has no limits and any picture or pattern can be etched on to a window.


A large factor when answering “does triple glazing look good?” will come down to the frame that you choose. Triple glazing can come in various materials and finishes. A popular material in the UK is uPVC, this is used widely on double glazing units and gives the home a modern stylish look whilst also being easy to maintain. Triple glazing also comes in uPVC, which will appeal too many happy with the style of their double glazing but looking to upgrade for thermal performance.

The most widely used material for triple glazing is wood, wood has great insulating properties, is cheap to use and easy to work with. One good thing about wooden frames is the range of styles available, wood can be customised in many different ways and stained and coloured to each individual requirement.


A stylish front door is massively important when choosing a look for your home, the front door will be seen by all visitors to the home and if often the centre piece of the front of the home, answering “does triple glazing look good?” will depend greatly on the look of the door. Triple glazing doors can be purchased in materials and styles that match the frame work of the windows. Glass panels can be small or large and side lights can also be purchased. Doors are available in hundreds of designs and even customised to suit requirements. Triple glazing patio doors are also stylish as the design of triple glazing allows a greater area of glass for a more stylish look.