Triple Glazing Maintenance

Triple glazing, like many other household items will require maintenance from time to time; looking after a product can keep it in proper working order and help it to achieve a longer life span. Triple glazing maintenance can help in the performance of the product and keep your home energy efficient.

Wooden frame

Triple glazing can be constructed in frames made from various materials, the most common is wood. Triple glazing units are regularly imported from cold climate countries such as Norway and Sweden. Wooden frames in these countries are common place, and this is because of the eco-friendliness of the material. Wood causes no harm to the environment and is bio- degradable; the insulation properties and durability also makes it the perfect choice for triple glazing. Wood is also the material that will require the most triple glazing maintenance. Proper maintenance will prevent deterioration which can result in the windows having to be replaced.

Repainting the wooden frame is one part of triple glazing maintenance that is important; the need for a repaint can depend on which way the window is facing. Windows facing south will be more open to temperature changes, this is because of the sun warming the windows during the day and the temperature dropping during the night can expose them to cold.

The window manufacturer will usually have a guideline suggesting when frames should be repainted. A general rule is that a repaint should be carried out after 10 years and then every seventh year after that.

The way to approach the repainting of wooden frames is as follows:

  • Scrape and peel away all of the existing paint, either by using a scrapper or steamer. Corners and lower parts of the window are usually the first to be worn; these areas should be checked first.
  • Any damaged timber and wood should be repaired or replaced prior to painting
  • Try to paint the whole of the window and not just sections
  • If any glass is removed for repair or replacement is sure to paint the frame prior to re-inserting the glass.

Aluminium and uPVC frame

 Aluminium and uPVC frames make life a lot easier when it comes to maintaining as no repainting will be required. Carrying out regular check-ups and making sure to clean the frame will be sufficient for triple glazing maintenance of these materials.


Cleaning the windows can be straight forward but require regular work and be tiring. The most common way to clean windows is to use water and washing up liquid, using a methylated spirit can be useful to achieve a good blend.
Another way to clean a window can be to use a tepid cloth and normal water, once the window has dried it a microfiber cloth can be used to wipe over the window and remove any stripes and marks.

Many people choose to hire a window cleaner to clean their windows; this can often be the best choice. A window cleaner will have all of the correct equipment and leave a professional finish.