Triple Glazing Testimonials

Triple glazing has begun to find a market in the UK and this is thanks to the numerous benefits that it provides over double glazing and single glazed windows. However, the majority of the market still belongs to the double glazing fraternity with thousands of people still having it installed on a weekly basis. Those looking to upgrade to triple glazing will be wise to carry out research in to what it can offer them over their current windows. Windows are a big investment and finding out as much information as possible can help you to make the correct choice in the following areas:

  • Which company to use
  • Which manufacture to use
  • Style and design
  • Cost

A good way to gain an insight in to what a company has to offer is by reading the triple glazing testimonials that they provide.


All triple glazing companies need to rely on good relationships and services to customers, a customer that is happy with the level of service they have received will be happy to tell others, this can result in more business for the company. A large part of business is gained through word of mouth and happy customers are more than willing to tell of their good experience, companies use these experiences as triple glazing testimonials to show other potential customers the level of service on offer.

A triple glazing testimonial is good for both business and customer. The company can prove how good their service is and the customer can gain insight into what previous customers thought.

A testimonial is a brief description of a customer’s experience including, what the level of customer service was, how friendly the staff were and the quality of the product. This description will be followed by the name of the customer and what area they are from; sometimes a picture is also included.

There is a downside to testimonials and that is the fact that only shows customer’s good experiences. Obviously a company isn’t going to post unfavourable testimonials in magazines or on websites but only showing the good can sometimes give an unfair reflection on a company.

Finding triple glazing testimonials

Fair triple glazing testimonials may be found in areas that are not affiliated to the company of interest; the internet is a good resource for this.

The internet is home to many review websites and forums that will include testimonials on different triple glazing companies and whether or not their experience was good, each company will receive bad and good testimonials this is why thorough research is recommended.

Many triple glazing companies now have a personal website promoting their company, websites will include services provide, selection of stock and prices, bookings and quotes can be also done online. Companies own website will often have a section that is dedicated to providing testimonials of previous clients. The testimonials will be snippets of emails, letters and phone calls that have been received over the years.

Local press advertisements from companies also rely on testimonials to promote their services.