Triple Glazing Costs

Many people buying new homes in the future will have triple glazing as standard; the benefits of it have appealed to the UK building industry in their aim to produce zero carbon houses. The positives of triple glazing have also interested people looking to upgrade their current windows and window fitting companies are taking numerous calls for quotations about triple glazing costs.


If you are looking to upgrade from single glass sheet windows then you will have the choice of double glazing and triple glazing. Triple glazing costs in production and installation will be more than that off double glazing, but there are reasons for the higher costs.

As the names suggest, double glazing is formed with two panes of glass and triple glazing with three panes. The extra pane of glass is part of the reason for higher prices; this because of the extra benefits that is brings to the table. Insulating the home can reduce the amount people pay each year in energy bills. A quarter of all heat loss from the home is through the windows; triple glazing reduces this dramatically, trapping heat inside of the property whilst still letting sunlight in. A big factor in triple glazing being able to do this is the space between the panes of glass. The spaces are known as air gaps and act as the insulation, and the extra air gap in triple glazing that is not found in double glazing provides and extra layer of insulation.

This extra pane of glass also helps in providing noise insulation; the thickness of each pane of glass will block out a different sound frequency, therefore a combination of glass panes will work to block out any noise.


When shopping for any kind of product it is best to shop around for the lowest prices. Triple glazing costs will change from company to company, but the extra benefits of triple gazing mean that you will find that costs run at between 20% and 40% higher than double glazing.

Another reason that you may encounter high triple glazing costs is despite popularity growing, triple glazing is still not as common in the UK as it is in the US. Customers may find that their windows will need to be imported from Germany or Sweden; the cost of importation will be passed onto the buyer. Installation costs will also be higher due to the extra weight and manoeuvrability of the windows.

Triple glazing costs are not solely based on the glass, there are different kinds of materials used for frames and decorative patterns that can be chosen from, and this is especially true in triple glazed doors. Patio doors and roof lights can be designed with triple glazing. Frames may need to be specially designed to house the product which can incur extra costs; walls and lintels will be strong enough to cope with the weigh on a vertical level but may need reinforcement for the installation of a roof light, this may mean paying for the work of builders.