Why Choose Triple Glazing

Triple glazing has become popular in recent years in the UK and is now being used widely in newly built homes. The benefits of triple glazed windows help towards lowering carbon emissions, with all new homes built aiming to have zero carbon by the year 2016. It is expected that it will become part of UK building regulations that triple glazing must be used. Many people currently have double glazing and some still have just a single pane of glass; they may feel happy living with their current windows and ask “Why choose triple glazing?” This is a fair question especially if they feel no need to upgrade.

Heat reduction

Heat reduction is a big part of answering people’s question of “why choose triple glazing?” Windows are the biggest cause of heat loss in the home, and heat can easily escape through the glass and frame of a poorly insulated window. Of course heat cannot be seen escaping with the naked eye and to get a true evaluation on how your windows perform it is necessary to get a measurement.

Energy efficiency is measured with U- Value; U-Value will be able to tell how much heat loss is occurring from part or all of a building. Losing heat through windows can add 15% to 20% on annual heating bills; this can increase even more dramatically if your windows only consist of a single layer of glass. 

Triple glazing with its three panes of glass separated by air gaps which can be specially treated with argon gas can to minimise heat loss and reduce heat entering the house in summer months. Many manufacturers use low emissivity (Low E) glass panes, this involves using glass that is coated with an unnoticeable metal oxide on the internal panel.  This allows sunlight and heat in but stops heat from escaping. If you needed only one answer to the question “why choose triple glazing?” then the benefits of thermal performance would be it.


We have gone over the main benefit of “why choose triple glazing?” As big a factor as heat reduction will be in choosing to upgrade your windows, it may not be enough to fully convince you that triple glazing is a better choice.

  • Peace and quiet. If you live close to a motorway or near a busy school then you may find yourself regularly disturbed by noise, triple glazing reduces noise significantly. The thickness of the glass combined will work to block out noise

  • Reduced carbon footprint. Global warming is a rising problem, by using triple glazing you can reduce fuel and therefore generate less carbon dioxide.

  • Condensation. Single pane windows and some double glazing can allow condensation to form, triple glazing prevents condensation from forming

  • Triple glazing reduces heat loss and eliminates draughts and cold spots
The biggest benefit of “why choose triple glazing?” has to be the amount of money that can be saved on energy bills, although triple glazing may cost more to install, savings of up to £200 per year can make it a good investment.